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Bilateral Exchange Institutions

Bilateral Exchange Institutions

ETSU has partnerships with institutions across the world (listed below). This is a great resource if you know which university you would like to apply to, or would like to study a particular area of interest.  These opportunities are open to all students, though some schools may prefer students to have met certain criteria before they apply for the exchange program.  Any of those requirements will be listed below. 

Finances: you pay ETSU tuition and fees, then room and board to the host institution. Most forms of financial aid and scholarships apply. There are some additional costs such as airfare, living supplies, in country travel and other such costs that are not paid to either instituion. Please view the Get Started page for more information on how to set up an appointment.

Bilateral Partnership List
For more information about individual schools, click through the Bucs Abroad pages below, as well as visit their individual International Student web pages.

Please Note: because an exchange means there must be an even swap, there are limited spaces for each school below. Applications are reviewed on a first-come-first serve basis.
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