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ISEP Exchange

ISEP Exchange through ETSU

ISEP is a wonderful opportunity for the student who wants an immersive, affordable and enriching study abroad experience!  With study abroad programs offered in over 50 countries, there is sure to be a program to fit what you want to do. For ISEP Exchange, the student pays their home university tuition and fees and then swaps spots with a student from a foreign university.  

Benefits of ISEP Exchange:
  • Easy to use site, allowing you to explore a variety of options. Click here to view the ISEP home page!
  • Affordable
  • Additional ISEP scholarships are available here
  • Students can list up to 10 universities where ISEP can place the student

How to Apply for ISEP program via Bucs Abroad
Step 1: Sign up for interest session here

Step 2: Apply on Bucs Abroad for permission to study abroad. Make sure you apply before the deadline.  Check deadlines here
ISEP Exchange in Africa
ISEP Exchange in Asia
ISEP Exchange in Canada
ISEP Exchange in Latin America and/or Spain
ISEP Exchange in Europe
ISEP Exchange in Oceania
ISEP Exchange in the Middle East

Step 3: Apply on the ISEP website here
 Fee Table Per Semester
*Fees are subject to change
ETSU Costs
ISEP Costs
Other Costs
Pay the Following:
  • ETSU tuition and fees: ~$4,750
    • Link to cost is located here
    • Click "Undergraduate"
    • The exchange agreement requires you to pay 15 credit hours (though you are only required to 12 or more credit hours)
  • ETSU Admin Fee: $100
  • ETSU Housing and Meals, plus $200: ~$4,000
    • Note: costs are equivalent to Lucille Clement Housing and the Silver Dining Plan. The $200 is to cover costs when the cafeteria is closed.
    • If the institution abroad does not have a meal plan, they will provide a monthly stipend to cover meals. 
  • Bucs Abroad Application Fee: $32
Pay the Following:
  • ISEP Application Fee: ~$100
  • ISEP Placement Fee: ~$375
  • ISEP Health Insurance: ~$55-~$90/month
  • Additional ISEP Expenses
    • An ISEP budget calculator is available here
  • Institution-Specific Expenses
    • Some institutions abroad require residence hall insurance, deposits and/or application fees
Definite Costs:
  • Airfare
  • In-country transportation (e.g. train, taxi)
Potential Costs (Vary by Country):
  • Student Visa Fees 
  • If applicable: travel costs, for countries that require students to obtain a student visa at a consulate (usually in DC or Atlanta)
  • If applying to a school in Spain: TN residents must travel to Houston, TX to obtain a student visa. NC and VA residents can travel to Washington, DC.
Miscellaneous Costs:
  • Bed sheets
  • Towels
  • Cookware
  • Souvenirs
  • Other
 Costs to Deduct from the Price
*Deductions are unique to the individual. Please consult Amy Collins at for more information.
Financial Aid & Scholarships

Private Scholarships
Pell Grant (if eligible)

Roan Scholars Scholarship (if eligible)

Tennessee Lottery Scholarship (if eligible)

Other Financial Aid & Scholarships: $0 - Full Ride
  • Most financial aid & scholarships can be applied during a semester abroad. Please consult the ETSU International Financial Aid Advisor, Amy Collins (, for more information
ETSU International Education Scholarship: $0 - ~$4,000
  • Please note: students are not guaranteed a scholarship and must follow all instructions in order to be eligible.
ISEP Scholarships: $0 - $2,500
  • Scholarships are available for racial minority, LGBTQ+, first gen, veteran, and financial need students, amongst many more!
Private Scholarships
How to Pay:
  • Tuition & Fees:
    • Applied automatically when enrolling in the course "EXCH 3583"
  • Room & Board:
    • Added the week before classes begin at ETSU. Students do not need to enroll in a meal plan or housing at ETSU. 
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