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TnCIS Faculty Led

TnCIS Faculty-Led Programs
Summer Term
How to Apply for TnCIS via Bucs Abroad:

Step 1 Sign up for an interest session here

Step 2:  Apply on Bucs Abroad for permission to study abroad. Make sure you apply before the deadline.  Check deadlines here
TnCIS in Africa
  • TnCIS in South Africa (2021 program cancelled)‚Äč
TnCIS in Asia
  • TnCIS in India (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in Japan (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in South Korea (2021 program cancelled)
TnCIS in Europe
  • Eastern Europe's Best (2021 program cancelled)
  • Grand European Capitals (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in England
  • TnCIS in France (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in Germany (2021 program cancelled)
    • Dr. Raluca Negrisanu - GERM 1010/GERM 1020 in Germany
    • Dr. Mary Blackman - MUSC 1030 Intro to Music in Germany
  • TnCIS in Greece (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in Ireland
  • TnCIS in Italy (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in Scotland (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in Spain (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in Turkey
TnCIS in South America
  • TnCIS in Brazil (2021 program cancelled)
  • TnCIS in Ecuador (2021 program cancelled)

Step 3:  Apply on the TnCIS website here
Information: TnCIS (pronounced ten-sis) is a program developed by the state to help Tennessee students study abroad. It is a consortium of colleges across the state. A faculty member from a college in the state of Tennessee teaches a class, exclusively for Tennessee students, in another country. Many classes can satisfy general education course credits for graduation.
Finances: You pay only the program cost (which includes airfare, housing, and most expenses).
you pay the cost of summer tuition and fees, plus program costs. The program costs typically include airfare, housing and most meals. Some forms of financial aid and scholarships cover summer tuition, though it may be a pro-rated amount. Please consult Amy Collins in Financial Aid for questions.
Program Search: when doing a program search, look for programs that begin with "TnCIS".



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