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ETSU Faculty Led

ETSU Faculty-Led Programs
10 - 60 Days
Summer Term
  • Dr. Julia Bernard - HDAL 2000 Intimate Relationships in Costa Rica
  • Dr. Scott Honeycutt ENGL 3150 Literature & Ethics in
  • Dr. Chris Keller - UHON 4808 Changemaking in the United Kingdom
  • Dr. Jane MacMorran - APST 4337/5337 Appalachia in Scotland & Ireland
  • Chistian Rieben - ARTA 4704/5707 in Italy
  • Dennis Isham - INTD & ENTC in Italy
  • Dr. Matthew Fehskens - SPAN 4747 in Spain
  • Dr. Jeanna Johnson - COBH 5607 / 4607 Gerontology and Health in Romania
  • Dr. Raluca Negrisanu - GERM 1010/GERM 1020 in Germany
  • Dr. Mary Blackman - MUSC 1030 Intro to Music in Germany
Information: There are several faculty members at ETSU who offer classes abroad during the summer and winter terms. If you decide to participate in a faculty-led program, you will be traveling with ETSU faculty and students. Sessions are from 10 days up to 2 months. Click "search programs" to see what is available for next summer. The faculty instructor can answer any program questions you have.
Finances: you pay the cost of summer tuition and fees, plus program costs. The program costs typically include airfare, housing and most meals. Some forms of financial aid and scholarships cover summer tuition, though it may be a pro-rated amount. Please consult Amy Collins in Financial Aid for questions.
Program Search: when doing a program search, look for programs that begin with "ETSU Faculty Led Program".



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