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Step 4: Checklist for Pre-Departure Requirements

Step 4:
Faculty Checklist for Pre-Departure Requirements
2 weeks prior to departure

Technical Assistance:
The Bucs Abroad application and webpage is powered by Terra Dotta. If at any time you are having technical difficulties or need assistance, please reach out to Terra Dotta:
877-368-8277 (option 2)​

1.  Ongoing Review of Travel Advisories: travel advisories can change at any moment. Be sure to check the following websites regularly, and consult the Department of International Programs immediately with any concerns.
2.  If Needed, Submit Additional Documents from the Faculty Manual and/or Study Abroad Policy: for example, the accompanying family member form must approved and submitted if bringing a spouse/child.

3.  U.S. Department of State STEP Registration:
  • Register the trip with the U.S. State Department:
  • Ask each student to sign up and download the app.
  • List all airport layovers, in the event of an emergency while en route to the destination. This way, the US Embassy knows exactly where each student is located and can help.

4.  Meet the Requirements for Travel & Health Insurance: all ETSU Faculty Led programs must purchase health, accident, and travel insurance for themselves and all students in the course. Read the information below closely, as the ETSU insurance provider changed on June 1, 2019.
ETSU Travel & Health Insurance Contact:
Margot Popowycz
Senior Account Executive
Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)
1 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905
Office: 1-203-589-5567 (direct)
Fax: 1-203-399-5229
CISI 24/7 Emergency Assistance Numbers:
203-550-9028 After Hours, Holidays and Weekends

Those with Policy # "GLM" use AXA Assistance

collect call to 1-312-935-1703 or toll free 1-855-327-1411
Those with Policy # "ST"
If you enrolled before the date of February 21, 2020:
collect call to 1 (609) 986-1234 (from outside the US) or toll free to 1 (800) 872-1414 (from within the US) 
If you enrolled after the date of February 21, 2020:
collect call to 1 (443) 470-3043 (from outside the US) or toll free to 1 (855) 951-2326 (from within the US)

CISI Crisis Team
(for those needing extra health/safety help after contacting Team Assist)
  • Information: ETSU uses a Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) plan that covers illness, accidents, medical and non-medical evacuation, as well as repatriation. The plan also includes travel insurance: travel delay, interruption, cancellation, and lost baggage. The faculty member sends a class and faculty roster to the insurance company, then cards are issued & emailed to the faculty member. The health insurance plan must meet or exceed the benefits offered in the ETSU CISI plan (for example, it must include medical evacuation and repatriation as well as security evacuation benefits). 
  • Faculty Payment Notes: please note that insurance invoices are generated & sent directly to the faculty member for payment. This means the faculty must collect student payments.
  • Collecting Funds from Students: funds collected from students must be deposited in an ETSU Agency account. Please contact ETSU Financial Services to set up an account or to learn how to utilize an account.
  • Brochure: Click Here to see a brochure of the plan's benefits
  • Premiums: Insurance premiums are $60 for trips between 1-30 days. The Insurance rate is $40 for trips in between 1-14 days. Coming soon: prices for individuals and groups longer than 30 days.
  • Enrollment:  Cultural Insurance Services International Study Abroad Group Enrollment Form
  • Online Enrollment Instructions for Groups: click Here for instructions on how to enroll online
  • Online Enrollment Instructions for Individuals: Self Enrollment 
  • Online Enrollment Form for Depends: Dependent Enrollment Form 
  • Online Account Instructions: Click Here for instructions on how to create an online account for participants, as well as a support guide for the online tools.
  • myCISI Traveler App: Click Here for instructions on how to create an account and to use the myCISI Traveler App 

5.  Financial Services: ETSU Financial Services can assist with study abroad course accounts, so that students may pay their course fees. The contact is:
Christa Graybeal
Burgin Dossett, Room 202

6.  Non-US Citizens: If a non-US Citizen is part of the program, leaders are advised to discuss visa issues with the student. The student should apply for any required visas well in advance of the program start date.

ETSU International Education Scholarship and/or Summer $1,000 Scholarship: Encourage your students to apply for the International Education Scholarship as soon as possible. Information is available under "Scholarships" or by clicking here. This only applies to students receiving course credit.

8.  Emergency Contact Cards: please ask Study Abroad for a stack of emergency contact cards. These are blue cards that list ETSU's Public Safety 24/7 service line, as well as personal numbers for the Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Honors College, and Director of International Programs. These are to be used in the event of an emergency.
In the event of an emergency abroad, call ETSU Public Safety. They are available 24/7, even Christmas Day! They also have the personal phone numbers of the deans above.
ETSU Public Safety
+1 423-439-4480
(24/7 phone number)

9.  Ensure students have submitted all post-acceptance documents (instructions below):
  • ​Log into Bucs Abroad
  • Click Applicants > Search
  • Under “Program Name” type the faculty leader's name and click “Search”
  • Click Progress Audit > Post Decision
  • Under "Choose Materials to Show" click "Check All"
  • Under "Choose Questionnaires to Show" click "Check All"
  • Click “Next”
  • This page shows you who has/has not submitted documents
  • Video Instructions:
    • ​Click here for a step-by-step video created on accessing an individual student's application materials
    • Click here for a step-by-step video on application questionnaires, fees, student documents

10.  Review, Save & Print Student Post-Acceptance Documents: it is important to have students' medical information & emergency contacts available in printed form, in case of an allergic reaction or other emergency while abroad. Please Note that it is the faculty member's responsibility to ensure students submit all pre-departure documents prior to travel abroad. 
  • Please follow these steps after you generate a list of students (as explained in #9 above):
    • Video Instructions:
      • ​Click here for a step-by-step video created on accessing an individual student's application materials
      • Click here for a step-by-step video on application questionnaires, fees, student documents
    • Hover over the student’s name, which is blue
    • Right click on the student’s name
    • Click “open in a new tab”  
      • Click on the other tab
      • This is the student’s application folder.
        • Profile Tab: Under “profile” you can see the students E #, email, etc. You do not need to review, but it may be helpful to know where to find this information.
        • Questionnaires Tab: click each questionnaire (in blue) to view his/her responses.
          • ​If students are required to submit a transcript, remember to review that they meet the minimum requirements for study abroad (as stated in the faculty manual), and/or additional criteria you may have in place. For example, students must have at least a 2.5 undergraduate GPA/3.0 graduate GPA, though some programs opt for a higher GPA requirement.
        • Materials Tab: "materials" are either A) payments, or B) documents that the student signs with his/her electronic signature. Ensure all required materials are checked as received

11.  Decline Students: if a student is missing any of the pre-departure/post-acceptance documents, he or she must be declined from the program and cannot study/travel abroad. 

Ongoing: Review the Faculty Policies for Study Abroad

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