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Retired: Create and Edit your Bucs Abroad Program

Programs Accepted by the IAC
Step 3:
Checklist for Your Bucs Abroad Program Page

Your Bucs Abroad Program Page is a site to advertise your trip. This webpage also serves as the application page for students to apply (students must apply and be accepted to study abroad). It is also how the Department of International Programs & Services can "track" which faculty and students are abroad at any given date and in any given location. This helps us know who to check on in the event of an emergency (natural disaster, terrorism, etc.).

1.  Request Program Template: Email to have a program template set up. This program page is how students will view your study abroad program and apply to it!

2.  Learn How to Edit Your Program: Once your program is set up, you may edit your program. Use the following guides for assistance: 3. (REQUIRED) SAFETY DETAILS: Not including these details will put the group's safety at risk.  In the event of an emergency in a particular region, the Department of International Programs & Services will search for all students/programs in that region during the emergency. We will conduct a "well check" and contact emergency numbers for anyone who does not respond. If you do not list accurate dates, this process will not work properly.
  • Terms Tab
  • Dates Tab: list correct dates of the program
  • Locations Tab: list all cities and countries your group will travel to. If a location is not available, please email to have it added.
  • Itinerary Tab: include all locations and dates. Ensure that this is updated as events change.

4. (Required) Application Details: These details are required in order to have a smooth application process. Students must know the minimum requirements for the program prior to applying, so that they understand that acceptance is not guaranteed.
  • Parameters Tab
  • Budget Information: this should be posted on the "brochure" tab so students can view the information

5.  (Recommended) Brochure Tab: this tab advertises your program to students navigating the Bucs Abroad site. We recommend editing this section to catch student eyes!

6.  Tabs to Skip: these are tabs that you should not edit.
  • Requirements (always skip this tab)
  • Announcements 
  • Exchange Balances
  • Foreign Courses
  • Directory 
Ongoing: Review the Faculty Policies for Study Abroad
Click Here for Step 4: Checklist for Student Applications
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