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Step 2: Submit Faculty Course or Program Proposal


Application Process
Step 2:
Submit Faculty Course/Program Proposal Prior to the Deadline
Option 1, Submit TnCIS Faculty Course Proposal
  • Visit and click “Faculty” for more information
  • Click “Faculty Application” at the bottom of the page
  • Choose a location to apply for; all are 3 weeks
  • Must have ETSU president approval
  • TnCIS Contact Number: 865-539-7279
  • Deadline for Summer 2020: February 1, 2019
  • Deadline for Summer 2021: February 1, 2020

Option 2, Submit an ETSU Faculty Course/Program Proposal to the IAC: 
  • Email to request a webinar on how to submit a Faculty Course/Program Proposal
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Following:
  • Submit your proposal application (Please follow the instructions below step-by-step, or the process will not work):
    • Submit the appropriate application:
      • Applications for Courses Abroad: Visit the Faculty Course Proposal Application page​ (opens in a new tab)
      • Applications for Programs Abroad: ​Visit the Faculty Program Proposal Application page (opens in a new tab). Programs are considered trips that are not-for-credit. You only need to submit a program proposal if you are a faculty leader taking a group of ETSU students abroad on an ETSU-endorsed trip. If you have questions as to whether you qualify, please contact the Department of International Programs
    • Click "Apply Now"
    • Select "I have an ETSU username and password"TD login
    • Decide if you are a "First Time User" or "Returning User":
      • Returning Users: type your username and password
      • First-Time Users: Set up your account using your ETSU username only (before the "" portion of your email address) and ETSU password, that you normally use to log into Goldlink, email, D2L, etc.
    • Click here for a step-by-step instructions: Proposal tutorial file
    • Click here for a step-by-step video tutorial created at ETSU

I submitted my proposal to the IAC? What's Next?
  • The Interna tional Advisory Council (IAC) will meet and review all applicants
    • For courses, the IAC will use this rubric to assess your application
  • The IAC will either accept, decline, or request more information/revisions

If Accepted by IAC:
  • You will receive an email from an IAC representative with next steps
  • Your application status for the "Faculty Course/Program Proposal" will change to "accepted"
    • You will receive an automatic email update when your status changes
  • Your "Faculty Program/Course Proposal" application will then unlock the "Post-Acceptance" documents.
  • Please submit all post-acceptance documents within your Faculty Program/Course Proposal application
  • After all post-acceptance documents are completed, you may move onto Step 3
    • ​Please note: courses and programs may be cancelled at any time due to changes in travel advisories or incomplete information/document submissions
Ongoing: Review the Faculty Policies for Study Abroad
Accepted Programs Only: Move Onto Step 3
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