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SAI Direct Enrollment
Since its founding in 1995, SAI has been committed to providing students with focused learning experiences in Europe with some of the finest programs available.  

Contact:  Anne Carney at

How to apply for SAI via Bucs Abroad:

Step1:  Sign up for an Interest Session here

Step 2:  Apply on Bucs Abroad for permission to study abroad.  Make sure you apply before the deadline.  Check deadlines here
SAI in Europe
SAI in Spain and/or Latin America

Step 3:  Apply on the SAI Website here
 Fee Table Per Semester
*Fees are subject to change
SAI Costs
Other Costs
Pay the Following:
  • Program Fees.  Check here for a list of programs and their cost breakdowns
Definite Costs:
  • Airfare
  • In-country transportation (e.g. train, taxi)
Potential Costs (Vary by Country):
  • Student Visa Fees 
  • If applicable: travel costs, for countries that require students to obtain a student visa at a consulate (usually in DC or Atlanta)
  • If applying to a school in Spain: TN residents must travel to Houston, TX to obtain a student visa. NC and VA residents can travel to Washington, DC.
Miscellaneous Costs:
  • Bed sheets
  • Towels
  • Cookware
  • Souvenirs
  • Other
 Costs to Deduct from the Price
*Deductions are unique to the individual. Please consult Amy Collins at for more information.
Financial Aid & Scholarships

Private Scholarships
Pell Grant (if eligible)

Roan Scholars Scholarship (if eligible)

Tennessee Lottery Scholarship (if eligible)

Other Financial Aid & Scholarships: $0 - Full Ride
  • Most financial aid & scholarships can be applied during a semester abroad. Please consult the ETSU International Financial Aid Advisor, Amy Collins (, for more information
ETSU International Education Scholarship: $0 - ~$4,000
  • Please note: students are not guaranteed a scholarship and must follow all instructions in order to be eligible.
List of Discounts Offered by SAI

SAI Scholarships
Private Scholarships