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Short-Term Programs

Short-Term Programs
10 - 60 Days
Summer and Winter "J" Terms
Option 1:  ETSU Faculty Led
There are several faculty members at ETSU who offer classes abroad during the summer and winter terms. If you decide to participate in a faculty-led program, you will be traveling with ETSU faculty and students. Sessions are from 10 days up to 2 months. Click "search programs" to see what is available for next summer. The faculty instructor can answer any program questions you have.

Finances: you pay the cost of summer tuition and fees, plus program costs. The program costs typically include airfare, housing and most meals. Some forms of financial aid and scholarships cover summer tuition, though it may be a pro-rated amount. Please consult Amy Collins in Financial Aid for questions.

Option 2:  TnCIS
Tennessee Consortium for International Studies

TnCIS (pronounced ten-sis) is a program developed by the state to help Tennessee students study abroad. It is a consortium of colleges across the state. A faculty member from a college in the state of Tennessee teaches a class, exclusively for Tennessee students, in another country. Many classes can satisfy general education course credits for graduation. Each September, TnCIS releases a list of classes that count as credit at ETSU.

Courses: click here for a list of courses that were approved at ETSU for Summer 2019. The courses state whether they satisfy general education requirements. However, some general education courses are major specific. Students should always consult their academic advisor regarding specific requirements.

Finances: because this is a state-wide initiative proposed by the government, it is a very financially feasible program! Tuition and fees waived.

Option 3:  Direct Enrollment
Direct enrollment means you pay the institution directly. The benefit of direct enrollment is that you have more control over what university you will attend, since it does not rely on an even exchange of students. There are two types of direct enrollment: ETSU Affiliated Organizations/universities (where you receive an ETSU discount of approximately $500), and organizations that are not affiliated with ETSU.

Finances: with direct programs, you do not pay ETSU tuition and fees, since you are directly enrolling at another university/program. This also means that courses typically do not count as graduation credit at ETSU (though they may!). Direct programs average $8,000-$15,000 per semester. Please consult Amy Collins in Financial Aid to verify what your particular form of financial aid and scholarships will cover the program.

When is each program offered?
  Cost  Fall   Spring   Summer/
ISEP Tuition, Room & Board to ETSU X X X X
BILATERAL Tuition to ETSU, Room & Board to host institution X X   X
DIRECT Tuition, Room & Board to host institution X X X X
FACULTY-LED Program cost to ETSU     X  
TNCIS Program cost to TnCIS     X