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Get Started

Get Started

Step 1: Log into Bucs Abroad

Program Search
First-Time Users:
  • First, find a program in the program search and click "Apply Now" (this does not mean you are applying to the program, just that you are interested)
  • Please select "I have an ETSU username and password". Set up your account using your Goldlink username (before the "" portion of your email address) and Goldlink password.
TD login
  • You will then be asked a few questions in order to set up your profile. Be sure to add your date of birth so that the system knows you are age 18 or older. If you do not list a birth date, it will ask your parent/guardian to sign documents on your behalf.
TD login

My Bucs Abroad

Returning Users: 
  • you can click the "My Bucs Abroad" logo above and login using your ETSU credentials. This is your username before the "" portion and your ETSU Goldlink password.

Step 2: Submit an Inquiry Form
Click Here and scroll to "Application Questionnaires" to submit an Inquiry Form. Your answers will guide us through the first meeting.



Step 3: Meet Hopelyn, Study Abroad Coordinator!*
*skip this step if you are applying to an ETSU Faculty-Led Program
Hopelyn is very passionate about study abroad and happy to guide you through the process. 


Note: appointments fill up fast! We recommend scheduling an appointment 8-18 months prior to departure.

Click HERE to schedule an appointment online
Log in with your ETSU username and password. If you need help, please see the
Scheduling appointment with Study Abroad directions.

You may also call or email below:
Phone: (423) 439-7737
Front Desk Location:  Yoakley Hall 122

What should I expect at my study abroad appointment?

You can be as little or as well-informed as you'd like! Most conversations include the following topics:
  • Inquiry Form answers
  • This Study Abroad Checklist
  • The differences in programs; such as ISEP, direct enrollment, faculty-led programs, TnCIS, and so on
  • Cost
  • Length of Study
  • Addressing any safety concerns
  • Step-by-step guide to study abroad (we have a checklist!)
  • Any questions you have or advice you need is welcome!