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Meet With a Study Abroad Coordinator

Meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator

Am I Required to Meet with a Coordinator Before Applying to Study Abroad?
Required Prior to Submitting Application
Not Required
  • TnCIS Study Abroad Students (unless it is through an ETSU faculty member)
  • Semester/Academic Year Abroad Students
  • Summer Study Abroad Students, if it is not an ETSU Faculty-led trip
  • Students going on ETSU Faculty-Led trips
(we are happy to meet with you, if needed! A majority of your questions will be answered by the faculty leader)

Step 1
Meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator by signing up for an interest session

Please sign up for a session by clicking below. Be sure to sign up for the correct session: short term in Summer/Winter Term or Semester Abroad in Fall/Spring.

Make sure you schedule enough time to 1) attend a session and 2) apply to study abroad prior to the deadline!

Sessions will not show up if your Outlook Calendar marks you as "busy" at that same time. No worries, though! If no sessions fit in your course schedule, please email or call 423-439-7737
NOTE: ONLINE SIGN UP IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Please email to sign up for an interest session.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


What can I expect to learn at my interest session?

Step 2
Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment

Study Abroad is happy to meet with you for a follow up appointment! Please email first to gain permission. Then click below to sign up under “Study Abroad – Follow Up Appointment”.

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