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Semester Programs

Long Term Programs
Semester or Academic Year Abroad

Option 1: Bilateral Exchange Program
The word "exchange" means that you swap places with an international student from another university. There are two types of exchange programs.

Finances: An exchange means you pay ETSU tuition and fees as you would during a normal semester. Typically, financial aid and scholarships are applied toward tuition as it is during other semesters at ETSU. ETSU Financial Aid & Scholarships can provide more information on your unique situation.
    • ETSU has partnerships with institutions across the world (click here for a list). This means that ETSU has an agreement with the specific university, allowing the schools to swap a certain number of students each semester.
    • Benefits: This is a great opportunity if you want to apply to a specific school on our bilateral partner list. 
    • Please note: because the exchange must balance evenly, there are a limited number of applications that can be accepted per school. Applications are reviewed on a first-come-first serve basis.
    • Bilateral Finances: you pay ETSU tuition and fees, then room and board to the host institution. Most forms of financial aid and scholarships apply. There are some additional costs such as airfare, program fees, health insurance, and meals.


Option 2Direct Enrollment Universities and/or Organizations
Direct enrollment means you pay the institution or organization directly. The benefit of direct enrollment is that you have more control over what university you will attend, since it does not rely on an even exchange number of students. Most organizations or institutions can accept more direct enrollment applications than exchange applications in a given semester.

Finances: with direct programs, you do not pay ETSU tuition and fees, since you are directly enrolling at another university/program as a visiting student.


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