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Propose to Teach a Study Abroad Course

How to Submit a Faculty Led Proposal
Faculty are now required to submit their proposal through Bucs Abroad. 
Here is a link for the Proposal tutorial file and the video tutorial.

How to Set Up Your Course On Bucs Abroad:
Bucs Abroad Faculty Training: Program Building
Bucs Abroad Faculty Training: Student Processing
Bucs Abroad Faculty Training: Processes, Communication, and Customization

Important Documents

Procedures Manual
Study Abroad Proposed Logistics
Study Abroad Budget
Bucs Abroad Faculty Training Manual

Propose to teach a class through TnCIS
If you are a faculty member and would like to teach a course through TnCIS, please visit their website:

Propose to teach a Faculty-Led Course
Things to do and keep in mind:
  1. Create Goldlink Course Listing - You must create your own course on Goldlink. Please, work with the individual who builds courses in your department to ensure that your course is created on time and correctly. Keep in mind that course sections for study abroad courses are SA1, SA2, etc.
  2. Financial Release - Before any money can be collected and used on behalf of a student, you must have each student sign the Student Financial Release Form. Please keep completed form in your office for your records.
  3. Required Documents - Collect all the required documentation to turn in to the International Programs & Services Office (see "Pre-Departure Documents" tab)
  4. U.S. Department of State Registration - Register the trip with the U.S. State Department.
  5. Non-US Citizens - If a non-US Citizen is part of the program, leaders are advised to discuss visa issues with the student. The student should apply for any required visas well in advance of the program start date.
  6. ETSU International Education Scholarship - Encourage your students to apply for the International Education Scholarship as soon as possible. The early deadline for application is January 31st, and the final deadline is March 1st. Completed application must be turned into International Programs and Services located in Yoakley Hall.
  7. Insurance - All ETSU Faculty Led programs must use CMI insurance for each student. The plan is cost effective and it makes it easier for you as a program leader to have all students under the same insurance company. In case of an emergency occurs you will have only one insurance company to contact rather than having to deal with different insurance companies if students each have different insurance policies. We encourage each leader to include insurance prices in the overall cost of the study abroad program that way as a leader it makes it easier for you to purchase the insurance as a group. 
  • As a reference, insurance coverage was $48.00 per month per student in 2016. 
  • The current plan covers: accidents, sickness, medical and non-medical evacuation, repatriation, and travel related (travel delay, interruption, cancellation, lost baggage).
  • You must fill out the Insurance Roster completely and then submit it directly to CMI for processing.