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There are many different opportunities to study abroad through ETSU. Below, you can get a brief snapshot of each type of program and begin to decide which one is right for you. 
For all the program
s listed below, the following apply:
  • Grades will be recorded as pass or fail.
  • Oftentimes, financial aid can be applied to program costs for your study abroad! Please consult Amy Collins ( to see if this applies to your situation.

ISEP is a membership organization of more than 230 higher education institutions in 50 countries around the world (including ETSU!) that is committed to the international exchange of students.
ISEP is dedicated to the principle that a period of study abroad ought to be available and affordable to all students regardless of social and economic background. 
ISEP participants pay all program costs (tuition, fees, room and board) at ETSU. 


If you decide to go through ISEP, keep in mind the following:
You will need to apply online at 2 different places:
  1. ETSU Study Abroad Portal: A $30 fee applies.
  2. ISEP website: Additional fees may apply. You will be able to choose up to 10 universities!

Bilateral Exchange
ETSU has partnernships will bilateral institutions across the world. Studying abroad under bilateral exchange programs is designed to provide you the opportunity to attend a college or university in another country without having to pay for the high cost of tuition for an overseas institution. You will pay ETSU tuition and fees. Students pay room and board to the host institution.
ETSU students who participate in study abroad at our exchange universities remain as degree-seeking, registered students at ETSU. Any financial aid that is normally available may be applied to the exchange obligations. Because study abroad is an officially approved program of the university, all courses with their respective credit hours will be recorded on the ETSU transcript as transfer credits. Some institutions require fluency in the country's native language.
Students are eligible to apply for a single semester, or a full year of study abroad. With some of our partner institutions, however, the maximum time allowed is a semester.

List of Bilateral Institutions:

University of the Sunshine Coast

University of Ottawa Tefler School of Management 
Note: Business Majors only. Students must have completed one year in the business program at ETSU. Deadlines are April 15th for the Fall semester and October 1st for the Winter semester.

China, Peoples Republic of
North China University of Technology
Note: Must have a 3.0 GPA; may study up to one academic year. The deadline for the Fall is April 1st and Spring is October 1st.
Shandong Normal University
Note: May admit student up to 1 academic year.

AMOS Sport Business School
Note: Preference given to those who have completed two years of their undergraduate program of study.
Blaise Pascal University
Note: Preference given to those who study Applied Languages, Archaeology or International Business. Must have French proficiency. May study up to one year.
ESC Rennes School of Business

University of Rostock
Must have completed two semesters of the undergraduate program of study or one semester of graduate studies. The deadline is July 15th for Winter semester/academic year and January 15th for Summer.

University of Limerick
Chuo University
Kansai Gaidai University
Ryukoku University

Ewha Womans University
Keimyung University - Daegu

Hanze University

New Zealand
University of Waikato

University of Agder

Ulyanovsk State University

University of Cordoba

United Kingdom
University of Huddersfield
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 
Note: Reserved for Bluegrass Performance Majors only

ETSU is affiliated with the following Study Abroad Program Providers:
  • Academic Programs International (API): API is an educational organization dedicated to providing challenging and enriching study abroad summer and semester programs
  • Arcadia: is a provider that has been sending students abroad for over 60 years. there are over 100 different programs available in 13 countries.
  • CIS Abroad: Offers a wide variety of affordable summer and semester opportunities. 70% of all students that participate in a CIS Abroad program receive a scholarship or a grant.
  • EuroScholars: is a unique study abroad program for advanced students whereby students can conduct research at a high caliber institution while taking a language and culture class. This is a great opportunity for students who are looking to do research abroad.
  • ISA: provides high quality education abroad opportunities to American and Canadian college students at an affordable price.
  • Panrimo: offers customized programs giving student choices in both services and price.
  • SACI: Studio Art Centers International Florence offers a wide range of art and design studio classes in Florence, Italy.
  • SAI: provides "academic and cultural learning experiences abroad that enhance global awareness, professional development and social responsibility." They concentrate their programs in Europe. They also offer additional scholarships for Pell Grant recipients.
  • ASA: smaller programs allow for more personalized attention and service. It also helps establish deeper connections and allows for an easier integration to the local culture.
ETSU at John Cabot University, earn ETSU credit in Rome - More information at ETSU - John Cabot University

If you decide to go DIRECT, keep in mind the following:
You will need to apply online at 2 different places:
a. Through the provider's website
b. our website
Faculty Led
There are several faculty members who offer classes abroad during the summer time. If you decide to participate in a faculty-led program, you will be traveling with ETSU faculty and students.
More summer 2018 courses will be updated as they are approved.

Location  |  Course  |  Instructor  |  Tentative Dates

England  |  ARTA - 4107  |  Dr. Scott Koterbay  |  May14 - June 1 (3 weeks)

England  |  CJCR - 4017/5017  |  Dr. Nicole Prior, Dr. Dustin Osborne  |  June 26 - July 11 (2.5 weeks)

France  |  FREN  |  Dr. Arthur Kolzow  | June 4 - 28 (3 weeks)

Italy  |  ARTA - 4117/5117  |  Lindsay Rogers  |  May14 - June 1 (2.5 weeks)

Italy  |  ARTA - ?  |  Christian Rieben  |  May14 - June 1 (2.5 weeks)

Japan  |  JAPN - 3005  |  Tezuka Arnold  |  May 6 - 27 (3 weeks)

Nicaragua  |  EPID - 5700  |  Dr. Megan Quinn  |  July 5 - 18 (2 weeks)

Nicaragua  |  HDAL - 4007/5447  |  Dr. Julia Bernard  |  July 5 - 18 (2 weeks)

Western Europe  |  GSLD - 7300  |  Dr. Brian Johnston  |  May 20 - 30 (10 days)

Western Europe  |  GSLD - 6500  |  Dr. Adam Sayers  |  May 20 - 30 (10 days)

For more information look at program brochure or contact professor. 

TnCIS (Tennessee Consortium For International Studies) represents nineteen colleges and universities devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education throughout the state of Tennessee. Students that participate in a TnCIS summer program will be taught by a professor from a Tennessee institution and take classes with other Tennessee students. An advantage to participating in a TnCIS summer program is that tuition costs are waived. 

Please click on the link below to see the list of classes ETSU has pre-approved for TnCIS credit transfer. Not all programs and classes on the TnCIS website have been approved for credit transfer by ETSU. Therefore, it is very important to look at the ETSU pre-approved TnCIS classes below before applying for a summer program through the TnCIS website:

When is each program offered?
  Cost  Fall   Spring   Summer   Year 
ISEP Tuition, Room & Board to ETSU X X X X
BILATERAL Tuition to ETSU, Room & Board to host institution X X   X
DIRECT Tuition, Room & Board to host institution X X X X
FACULTY-LED Program cost to ETSU     X  
TNCIS Program cost to TnCIS     X  

Ready To Apply?
Here's how to find and apply for the program you are interested in: Student Applicant Tutorial